Soresi Language Lab wants to make social contributions.  Since we specialize in English education, we aim to solve many of Japan’s English education problems… at both a grass roots level and an institutional level.  We have established several volunteer research projects for that purpose. Specifically, we hope to give more opportunities for people to use English while they are in Japan.  Through these efforts, we hope also to create more positive images of actual English users here.  Additionally, we hope to play a constructive role in the coming new wave of writing and speaking tests for Japan by offering research, teacher training and testing know-how.



post toeic

The Post-TOEIC Research Group looks into next generation language tests for Japan.   Sooner or later, the popular TOEIC test, measuring listening and reading skills will be supplemented or replaced by a new major test that directly measures (and thus requires) the actual use of English.  This group is for people who are interested in bringing speaking and/or writing tests to the mainstream in Japan, in the most practical and educationally beneficial way possible. We welcome speakers of all languages, but our working language will be Japanese at this stage.  If you’re interested in joining us, please send us a little about yourself through our contact form here.

TOEIC(LR)試験が、英語を話す能力や書く(作文する)能力を真に測れるのかどうか、今までもさまざまな議論がなされてきましたが、今後は遅かれ早かれ、 日本でも(韓国でも)、英語を“使う”能力を“直接”測ることのできる 次世代型英語運用能力試験に置き換わっていくことと思われます。

そして、最近生まれてきたその 次世代型英語運用能力試験(スピーキング・ライティングのテスト)は様々ありますが(GTEC、BULATS、新TOEIC(SW)、Versantなど)それらの普及と実施についても研究、活動します。


With much of English education in Japan based on receptive skills, our research group hopes to develop solid alternative textbook designs as well as teaching and testing methodology.  However, this group will focus on those practices that are most fit for Japan and its social values.  We have already put several speaking and writing tests into practice on a small scale and hope to expand the use of “productive-based” English language teaching and testing that is appropriate and effective in Japan.
If you’re interested in joining our PBELTT research group, please send us a little about yourself through our contact form here.

PBELTTとは、プロダクティブな英語能力を育成するための教材と教授法および試験方法(評価法)です。どちらかというと、日本の英語教育の現状は、 プロダクティブの反対の「レセプティブ」つまり英語の受信能力に基づくものであり、その教材、教授法および試験(評価)に偏ってはいないでしょうか。この研究会では、日本に最も合う新たな プロダクティブな能力( 英語での発信力、作文力 、日本語から英語へ表現する能力など)を目的にした教材、教授法と試験方法を研究し普及します。

“Receptive-basedからProductive -based”へ。代替的な新しい教授法を研究しています。



Just as “citizen marathons” are held year round in many cities in Japan, this group aims to start a new kind of marathon, called a “Citizen’s English Conversation Marathon” and spread them across the Japan.  First, we are developing the know-how and refining the way to conduct such marathons through trial and error.  Once we develop and perfect the system for conducting English Conversation Marathons, we will begin spreading it to willing cities across Japan.We are looking for people to help with the development of this English Marathon system and it spread in Japan and perhaps to other countries in the future.  If you’re interested in joining our development team, please send us a little about yourself through our contact form here.

「英会話市民マラソン」は、 日本で英語を使える場所を拡大するためのイベントの一つとして考えています。 マラソンのように持続的に英語で会話し、英語を使う筋肉を動かすこと、初級者から上級者まで参加して楽しめること、市区町村レベルの年間行事として実施することをイメージして、そのシステム開発を行っています。



We are working to establish an “English Day” and a “Language Learning Month” in Japan.  Just as there are commemorative days, weeks (Traffic Safety Week, for example) and months here, we aim to commemorate the long tradition of studying English with an official “English Day” and then commemorate the learning of all languages (not only English) in Japan with with a month-long series of events under the umbrella of a “Language Learning Month.”  We are forming a team to explore and carefully research these possibilities and one day establish these traditions here and maybe in other countries.  If you’re interested in joining our team, please send us a little about yourself through our contact form here.